Who does Radon Mitigation?

Who does VOC Abatement?

We do!

Home Safety Solutions, Inc., Indoor Air Quality Consultants, are certified in Radon Measurement, Radon Mitigation, Mold certified water intrusion Surveyor and Measurement Technicians, and are VOC abatement professionals.  We are dedicated to helping you improve the indoor air quality of your home or businesses.

We are also septic installers***

We work with multifamily residences, single family residences,  and commercial properties.  Realtors selling homes with indoor air quality issues and anyone who needs our help and expertise with radon testing & mitigation, Mold/water intrusion measurement and remediation,  and also install Egress/basement escape windows. 

Call the consultants at Home Safety Solutions, Inc. to test your home for radon or water intrusion issues. Then, if there is a problem, we can help you take care of it.


Working in the twin cities 

        What we can do:

  1. Solve your problem: Test for Radon and for Mold to see if you have water intrusion problems.
  2. Provide proof: Our tests are sent to indoor air quality labs and the results sent to us and you.
  3. Remove risk: When you remove radon, and water intrusion problems, etc. the health risks associated with these toxic conditions are greatly reduced.
  4. A Reason to act now: Any indoor air quality issues can cause health problems, especially high radon levels which can cause death by radon induced lung cancer. Children and pets are more sensitive to radon because their lungs are smaller and their respiratory rates are twice as high.  Doctors say that, by the age of 10, a child receives twice the lung dose of an adult who’s been exposed to radon for the same length of time.  Radiation can have devastating effects on children and adults. While very high doses can cause blindness, intractable bloody diarrhea, and death, lower doses have more subtle effects such as genetic mutations, hematopoetic disorders, and cancer. I can't think of a better reason to do something now to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.   

Home Safety is your Responsibility... Anything Less is Unforgivable! 


As a former custom home builder, since 1976, we've built many homes and town homes of all sizes and styles, as well as incorporating the egress window into homes. This gives us all the experience needed to install egress windows and more as a home safety solutions company.

  • As well as new construction homes, we have completed many remodeling projects and home additions. With this vast experience we will be able to handle any problem, concern, or questions you may have. Our employees working in your home are specialty subcontractors under our supervision.
         Egress Installs:
  • Standard Egress windows are generally a one day project.
  • Limited excavation is done, so there will be minimal yard disruption.
  • High quality casement windows and green treated wood window wells are used in a "standard installation".
  • Egress windows will change the whole look and livability of your basement to allow you to utilize more of your home's square footage.          (*prices may vary depending on job size)

Basement egress windows are essential for your protection and safety. Consider your basement when looking for additional living space. The cost to convert existing space is far lower than new construction and can yield high-end luxury thanks to specialty building products that bring basements up to code. America's home improvement frontier is going underground with basement remodeling. These spaces bring increased value, lifestyle enhancement, and expanded living to today's homes. (with an extra legal bedroom, you could recover 10 to 20 times your window installation costs when you eventually sell your home. Every basement should be evaluated for moisture and flooding, structural concerns, and radon. Invest in professional advice.

**Homeowner to call city to find out if smoke detectors are needed, as some cities require an upgrade of smoke detectors. We can install them for you at a very affordable price.

Radon Testing & Mitigation done by our State Certified Inspectors



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